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There are several artists by this name: 1) Magnum are a British melodic rock band from Birmingham England. Formed in 1972, Magnum have undergone several changes in personnel over the years but the singer-songwriter core of Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin remain today. Keyboard player Mark Stanway joined in 1980. Bassist from 1976 - 95 was Wally Lowe and drummers were Kex Gorin until 1984, Jim Simpson in 1985 and Mickey Barker from 1985 until the band split in December 1995. Magnum reformed in 2002 with Al Barrow on bass and have used drummers Harry James and Jimmy Copley. Magnum began as the covers or house band at Birminghams famous Rum Runner night club (later the home of Duran Duran) before they began to develop their own style by playing Clarkin’s songs at a residency at The Railway Inn, in Birmingham’s Curzon Street in 1976. Dave Morgan figured in the original line up and later found success with ELO, later recording an independent album (the BC collection) with ELO keyboard player; Richard Tandy. Debut album ‘Kingdom of Madness’ was released on Jet Records at the end of 1978 and reached # 58 in the Uk Charts. Their most notable success during these early years was the Jeff Glixman produced ‘Chase The Dragon’ (1982) which reached # 17 in the UK. After the relative commercial failure of ‘The Eleventh Hour’ the following year Magnum and Jet parted company and thereafter followed a twelve month period of instability with the band’s future clouded by uncertainty. Magnum II and Magnum Marauder (a limited edition four track EP featuring superb versions of ‘Invasion’ and ‘All of my life’ recorded live at the Marquee) are amongst the best of the raw early rock offering.
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